Sunday, January 4, 2015

Back to Reality

It has been a great break.  Seventeen days of fun, laughter and accomplishments!
Reality will hit quite hard at 6am tomorrow!
- no more sleeping in (I hate to tell my teenagers!)
- having to make lunches again...yuck
- time to head back to the rink and court, practice picks back up again
- back to the grind of work and the craziness of the afternoon schedules

I can't complain though because this is what we got accomplished:

We finished the basement in the last moments before family arrived!

We worked numerous puzzles
We had an amazing Christmas with all of my family

We, really me, decluttered my craft space and got rid of over 50% of the stuff in my room (now we can decide how to finish the room!)
We had multiple family movie nights
We completed our 2014  review

We got over bronchitis and a sinus infection
We used essential oils to keep the others from getting sick
The girls celebrated New Years Eve in style by trashing my newly cleaned up craft space

We set goals to challenge ourselves in 2015.  While the goals are lofty, I know we will succeed!

I am so thankful for the last 17 days of togetherness, lack of schedule and all of our accomplishments.  I can't wait to see what is in store for us as we begin 2015 in the real world!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015!

Unbelievable it is 2015!
We rang it in with style....Mr. W. Was sick in bed, kiddo #1 was at the party we were supposed to go to and kiddo #2 had 3 of her giggly friends over for their version of a rocking New Year's Eve party!  Then there was me, hanging out with the girls (I was in charge of pictures and food!)   Actually I finished a book right before it expired and had a blast with the girls.
So it is a new year and we all have some resolutions we hope to be successful at, I am no  different!
I am hopeful that this blog will inspire you, motivate you and just in general make you happy!
Welcome and 2015 and I hope you will join me for this amazing journey!